Theme Park Scents

Here you will find our collection of Magical and Universal scents from your favorite theme parks! Bring the smells of your theme park vacation home with you!

Check back often as our inspired scent list is ever-growing!

Universal Inspired Scents

See You In the Fog - Relive the scares from your favorite Halloween Horror Nights! As you roam through the haunted houses and scare zones, fog fills the air as the next haunt could be right around the corner! Our blend of ozone and musk perfectly recreates the familiar smell of pyrotechnic fog transporting you right to your favorite horror-filled nights! See you in the fog!!

*(Same haunted house smell as our best selling year round Spooky Manion - branded especially for this year's HHN!!)

Upside Down - Don't let Vecna know you're here! An HHN 32 special edition, The Upside Down candles and wax melts will bring you to a parallel dimension! With earthy notes of cedar, tonka bean, musk and clove; you will fully experience how it feels to be sneaking around the Upside Down while you narrowly escape the Hivemind! As you re-enter top side you'll sense notes of orange and orange blossom to welcome you home!

Ba-Na-Na Bread - Those silly minions have been in the bakery again! They have been hard at work making some delicious Banana Bread! This fragrance will fill your home with the scent of fresh baked banana bread - made especially for you by those Despicable little Minions!

Just Here for the Butterbeer - Do you miss the smell and taste of arguably the best drink in the Wizarding World? Or maybe a refreshing ice cream is more your speed! This fragrance with notes of butterscotch, vanilla and wizardry will transport you right to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour and the Butterbeer Barrels - just don't try to eat this one! We're all just here for the Butterbeer!

Squirrely Balsam - Where is the naughty little Squirrel? As you search for Earl, the smell of fresh Balsam will fill the air! When you can't have a real Christmas tree for him to hide in - he'll never know the different with this Christmas tree scent filling the room!


Shark Attack - Enjoy a nice relaxing view and smell the ocean air as you take in the scents of the sea! With notes of ozone, sea salt, lemon, and orange tree blossom, you will be transported ocean side!! But be CAREFUL!! There's a shark in the water!! Chomp chomp chomp chomp! Bruce says, "Thanks for chompin by!"


Disney Inspired Scents

Spooky Mansion - If riding along with ghosts is more your style this fragrance is for you! Bringing the smell of the Haunted Mansion to you, these little ghosts will be happy to come along to your home for a ride! 

Magical Christmas - Surrounded by family and friends the Merry Magical Scent brings you smells of Christmas Eve. With notes of pine and balsam as well as Christmas spices such as cloves and cinnamon this candle will be sure to enhance your holiday season!

Polynesian - Breathe in the Southern Pacific air as you bring the tropical paradise of the Poly resort into your home! You can smell the beauty with your first sniff! A fresh fruity top note is splashed with a shower of dewdrops to open this lush fragrance. The exotic floral heart of hibiscus and plumeria is surrounded with crisp green tones and layered with sugared berries. The final accord of sandalwood and musk adds velvety sweetness.

Caribbean Pirates - Yo Ho, Yo Ho! A Pirate's Life for Me! Why do the pirates have to be the only ones who enjoy the Caribbean Life? Bring the smells of the islands and all it's delicious treasures into your home! This much loved scent is an explosion of tropical fruits and rum, beginning with top notes of juicy tangerine, orange peel, and lemon. Middle notes of sweet pineapple, tropical coconut, and citrusy orange add to the beachy aroma before the rum base notes transforms this fruity fusion into a favorite island cocktail.